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Tai Chi Basics+

Mondays beginning Oct. 17th 7:00-8:00pm

Offered in-studio only at Inner Light Yoga & Wellness.

See www.innerlightyoga.info to register

Tai chi is a wonderful moving meditation with myriad health benefits including improved balance, coordination, mental focus and energy balancing. This class begins with seated breath work (Qi-gong) and meditation, then progresses to gentle yet dynamic standing tai chi movements. No prior experience required; perfect fit for anyone looking to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Ease & Peace- Mini Retreat

Saturday, November 26th, 2022


Location: Inner Light Yoga & Wellness

I call this my "mini retreat." This event provides you with a deeply relaxing time away just for you! You'll experience gentle yin yoga along with tai chi to rebalance your energies. Session ends with a super soothing crystal bowl guided meditation. 

Investment: $36.75, or two people for $63 (included gst).

Space is limited: reserve with payment via e-transfer:


New Back Yoga- Recover & Restore at Inner Light Yoga & Wellness



Classes offered in-studio and online via Zoom link. (see link below to register)

A powerful movement program to restore your natural neutral body alignment. 
This is a foundation program aimed at repairing back injuries, and helping to restore full body functions. Includes a focus on breath and relaxation for muscle tension release. 
This class is perfect for anyone who wants to permanently rebuild their posture and alignment, 
and enjoy a pain free lifestyle. Recommended for everyone, beginners and seasoned yogis alike!

 Gentle Yin at Inner Light Yoga and Wellness



 Classes offered in-studio and online via Zoom link.

 (see link below to register) or drop-in 

Our sessions begin with mindful breathing and gentle yoga stretches to release tension; particularly in the neck and shoulders. Next, we add in gentle yin poses for relieving stiffness in the hips and legs. Yin poses are held for longer periods of time (up to 5 minutes) to enable a deeper (yet gentle) stretch.
Each pose creates space for a mini meditation; an excellent way to connect to stillness and take a break from it all!