Get to Know Me

Stella Stockton, B.Div, CPT, BCS
Wellness Entrepreneur, Artist, Teacher, Mystic, and Lifelong Learner

  Dancing with the Great Mystery that we call life.

My path has been one of continual movement and change. I am most grateful to my teachers, (Master Cheng Lu and Veronica), two incredible modern day mystics who've taught me to navigate through these cycles of change. If I may share even one spark from the healing fires that have shaped my learning, I would serve well and honour my teachers. 

  • Bio: Stella Stockton is an accomplished wellness entrepreneur, teacher, and life coach, with over 18 years experience in the healing arts. She is dedicated to learning and sharing with others on the self development path. 

  • Educational Background: 

  •  Bachelor of Divinity degree, University of Metaphysical Sciences (Arcata, CA).

  • Certified Tai Chi instructor since 2003, under Grand Master Lu, Chung Shing Kung Fu Institute (SLC, UT). 

  • Certified Behaviour Change Specialist (ACE)

  •  Certified Yoga teacher, Bright Angel Yoga School (Vernon BC), 2018.

  • Certified Level 1 Sound Healing Practitioner, Sound Healing Academy.